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thermalThermal Transfer Labels are used on thermal transfer printers using rolls of labels. They also use rolls of thermal transfer ribbon that transfers the print to the label material.

Paper labels are the most common and economical thermal transfer labels. They have great print quality, and are used for general purpose applications. They are excellent for shipping and carton labels, product identification, and for printing variable data and barcodes.

Film labels for thermal printers are more durable and can be resistant to chemicals, heat, tearing, etc. They are great to use when the label needs a longer shelf life.

TQL has a variety of thermal transfer labels for brand name thermal printers including Zebra, Sato, Datamax, Printronix, and Intermec.

We offer standard sizes for blank white paper labels. They can also be custom made with preprinted information or colors. Our standard rolls are 7.5 in. O.D.. Others are available upon request.

TQL also offers thermal transfer ribbons to keep your printers rolling.

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal labels are often used with thermal printers. One advantage is that the labels do not use ribbon for printing. The label material is treated so the print head can burn the image directly on to the label.

The printing on direct thermal labels does not last as long as those printed with ribbon on thermal transfer labels. They can be damaged and turn black by heat or sunlight and fade with age. The text or barcodes may become unreadable. For these reasons, the labels are not used for long life applications.

Direct Thermal labels are used by most mobile printers. Common uses are shipping labels, restaurant and grocery store receipts, and ticket printing.