TQL offers a wide array of different label materials, inks, and processes to create the perfect solution for your consumer’s needs. Some of the more common types are featured below.

anchorseal label

Anchor Seals

Anchor seals provide a method for protecting the contents of a package. If the seal is lifted and replaced, text will become visible on the backing of the label.

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bumper sticker

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers can be printed with a variety of backing and UV-safe or water-based inks.

Game card packaging

Game Card Packaging

Game and Trading cards come wrapped in foil packaging printed with eye-popping, high contrast colors to really make the shelf presentation reach out and grab the consumer.

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durable label for safety or outdoor use

Durable Labels

Durable Labels can be made to withstand friction and impact, heat and cold, gas, oil, UV and other harsh environmental conditions.

embossed label


Foil Embossed labels are rich looking labels that start with a gold or silver metallic background and are embossed to give the label texture and depth.

Hot Foil Stamped labels

Foil Stamping

Hot stamped labels are created using heat and pressure to transfer metallic foil on to the label material of your choice. Several bright foil colors are available such as gold, silver, red, blue and black.

magnetized printed card

Magnet Cards

Magnet cards adhere a full-color graphic to a flexible magnetic backing.

printed hanger

Neck Hangers

Neck Hangers are die cut with a hole to go over the top of your packaging to produce an eye-catching effect for your product.

Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels are made from combining two layers, the bottom layer forms the backing for the top. The label can be applied to any object as normal, the top layer can be reapplied elsewhere.

Pouch Printing

Pouch printing completely surrounds your product with usable print space.

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Roll-Fed Wrap

Roll-Fed Wrap labels can be applied to cylindrical, square or rectangular containers made of metal, plastic or glass. We print on clear, white or metalized film material and offer lamination for gloss and protection.

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Shelf-Talker / Dangler

Shelf talkers can grab the attention of a potential consumer by extending beyond the edge of a shelf to differentiate your branding from the competition.

Static Cling Labels

Static cling labels will adhere to a variety of surfaces and leave no residue when removed.

custom label and tag


Our custom tags allow you to affix a bar-code to any product that is sold without traditional packaging. We can custom-design and print your labels to exacting specifications.

Extended text for chemicals, cosmetics, and coupons

Extended Text

Extended Content labels provide several options for adding much more text to your packaging, without using additional surface area.

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